3 Common Kitchen Herbs and Spices for Anxiety and Depression | Galactic Connection

Conspiracy Daily Update

Thursday, March 16th 2017

Mental health disorders are often treated with harmful drugs with a myriad of dangerous side effects.  Studies show that you can look to your kitchen instead of the pharmacy to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety safely and effectively.

Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression affect over 40 million American adults – almost 18% of the population. Unfortunately, conventional medicine’s first line of defense is often to treat mental illness with a pill. But these pharmaceuticals have been proven time and time again to have some seriously dangerous and long-term health consequences. Thankfully, nature once more is proving that a pharmaceutical isn’t always the best approach. Instead, three common kitchen condiments/ herbs and spices are emerging as promising phytotherapies for some of the most debilitating mental health issues plaguing so many today.

Often the root cause of mental…

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