Tyler Talks: Is Fructose Really A Killer?

Hey guys,

Today I’m talking about the dangers of fructose, why you should be scared, and run for the hills … NOT!

Have you ever heard people say, “Don’t eat fruit, it’s bad for your health” or “Fructose is bad for your liver?”

I’m going to be super honest with you here, and I do understand that I’m being a little bit particular here, but it seriously rubs me the wrong way.

People believe that fructose is a killer!

Naturally, there’s more to this (pun intended – naturally … get it?)

I 100% respect the need for diabetics to keep their sugars in check so I’ve gone into the stats, the science and the nutritional breakdowns here.

I also share what to do if you have fructose malabsorption.

Once you’ve watched it, please subscribe to my channel and join my private Facebook community http://ift.tt/2DpWw31 for more information.

If you’re in Australia and interested in going into this stuff in a lot more detail, I’d love to answer your questions in person at my Longevity Tour.

For the where and when, head to http://ift.tt/2E35rvb. Or check out my events page to see what else I’ve got organized http://ift.tt/2nEQrsa.

Have a great day!

Tyler Tolman TT

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