High / Low Protein in Your Blood: What Does It Mean?

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High Protein on Urine: https://youtu.be/PUn3_n7Y4Ns

What are blood proteins, and why should you care about them? Find out in this quick video!

0:00 What are blood proteins?
0:21 The two primary types of protein
0:50 What is albumin?
2:00 What are antibodies?
3:51 What do high blood proteins mean?
4:22 High protein in your urine
5:31 Need keto consulting?

In this video, we’re going to talk about blood proteins. I’m going to make this very simple so you can get a full understanding of what blood proteins are and why they matter.

There are two primary types of protein in the blood: albumin and antibodies. These represent most of the protein in your blood.

The liver creates albumin. The purpose of this protein is to hold the fluid in your blood. If you have liver damage, you won’t be able to hold fluid in your blood. Instead, the fluid goes out through your urine and into your tissues—also known as edema. Fluid can also build up in the sack in your abdominal area—this is called ascites.

Albumin also helps transport hormones, electrolytes, vitamins, certain drugs, and fatty acids.

The other type of protein is antibodies. Antibodies are produced by immune cells that help you with your immunity. They are Y-shaped proteins that are like receptors. They connect with something called an antigen—this is a piece of a pathogen, like a bacterium, virus, or other foreign substance that doesn’t need to be in the body.

When antibodies connect with antigens, they neutralize a pathogen, tag or identify pathogens, regulate inflammation, and kill off unhealthy cells.

High blood proteins could be a sign of an infection, dehydration, or cancer. High protein in your urine could signal kidney damage, excess protein consumption, too much exercise, drinking too much water, or you’re using creatine.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped clear up what blood proteins are and why they matter. I’ll see you in the next video.
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