Learn to Grow Your Food 100% off the Grid Using Aquaponics


Learn to Grow Your Food 100% off the Grid Using Aquaponics under Any Outside Conditions, AND Help This Channel Get the Support it Desperately Needs at the SAME TIME!
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Learn How to Treat Infection and/or Disease in the Aftermath of a Crisis With “Medical MD” if Emergency Personnel is not Available!
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Learn to Grow Your Food 100% off the Grid Using Aquaponics under Any Outside Conditions!
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Military Grade Tactical Flashlight – http://bit.ly/2spGEM1

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The Heart of Disclosure – Deepening Self Care


This is the first episode in a series aimed at supporting the truth seeking community via spiritual practices, techniques and concepts that support individuals in expanding consciousness as a means of manifesting disclosure.

This episode explores placing a strong emphasis on personal development via self care as a priority over consuming content, coercing changes in others or in manipulating public opinion.
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ThunderHeart Guidance – Co-Creation and The Role of Innocence


This episode explores the relationship between individual innocence and the co-creative abilities of humanity. Specifically, an exploration of the heart, vibration and manifestation give us a deeper look into our potential for applying personal power on a collective scale.

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This weeks slides can be found on my Instagram @HeartGuidance for further reference and study.

Here are some resources that inspired the episode.

For dropping the internal dialogue and deepening inner silence –
Whisperings of the Dragon by Lujan Matus http://shrty.link/UDRsJC

For finding and loving your innocence –
Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn http://shrty.link/gxYFUq

For heightening your inner sense of energy and feeling states –
The Inner Smile by Mantak Chia

For directing energy and attention inwards and applying it correctly –
The Secret of Secrets: Taoist Teachings on Life and Existence by Osho

For understanding operant conditioning and the harm it’s doing to children/everyone –
Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn http://shrty.link/BJhozs

To explore studies on heart coherence –
Heartmath Institute

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7.14 – Health News (Cancer Cures, Vaccine Truth, & Deconstructing B.S. Media Health Advice)



July 14th 2017 – Health specific news

Today’s Sources:
Washington Post: “Novel cancer treatment wins endorsement of FDA advisers” – https://goo.gl/34ofEh
Futurism: “New Trials Show Hope for Personalized Cancer Vaccines” – https://goo.gl/hp7VVK
ScienceNews: “The fight against gonorrhea gets a potential new weapon: a vaccine” – https://goo.gl/g8pUMu
ScienceAlert: “People With Autism Are Better at Avoiding Sneaky Marketing Tricks” – https://goo.gl/6gJJbV
Business Insider: “Drinking more coffee is associated with a longer life, according to new research” – https://goo.gl/PpL16h

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Incredible Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had


Incredible Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had
July 10, 2017
by Jordyn Cormier

This Article:


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It Was No Accident That Western Medicine Has Been Twisted Into A Tool Of The Mega Corporations


Jon Rappoport explains how western medicine has been used as a tool to create a compliant citizenry by mega corporations in the US.

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What I Would Do If I Had Cancer


Movies/Books/Products mentioned in video:
-Dying To Have Known Documentary – https://give.gaia.com/cj4j5q272000u01mfzikh50yd
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-Healing The Gerson Way Book – https://goo.gl/fdshGx
-Elite Green Protein by HealthForce – https://goo.gl/ZTkAZ9
-Turkey Tail Mushroom by Host Defense – https://goo.gl/BDqGJJ

Links mentioned in video:
-Jason Christoff Article: “What I Would Do If I Had Cancer” – https://goo.gl/eP8SCS
-Jason Christoff Facebook – https://goo.gl/N4KyYc
-Paul Stamets Ted Talk: “Mushroom Science NO Trace of Cancer” – https://goo.gl/eX9Bzd

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