MMS Vanquishing its Opponents- Actual Use Confirms Claims and that Autism is Eliminated – Prepare for Change

Conspiracy Daily Update

Like most of the people involved with Miracle Mineral Solution I did a great deal of research before I began using MMS, and I was confident that it would not hurt me. I was not prepared for some the almost immediate benefits I experienced, although the video testimonials should have prepared me. The first obvious thing I noticed was that I no longer experienced the sharp pains from my ankle and knee joints when I get up to walk after sitting at my desk for several hours.

I typed the above phrase into Google and it returned  a host of articles about arthritis, and all of them recommended aspirin or ibuprofen as a treatment. After doing some more research on the search engine my interest grew. I searched on MMS, aspirin and the NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen sodium).

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